The next case I will cover…

The next case I will cover…

This case will be the focus of my next study


One thought on “The next case I will cover…

  1. i wish to solve this crime. i lived just down the street from the home and always wondered who was responsible. I met Janice McCall the day she started handing out flyers with the girls pictures on them. So sad she still does not know. I have been keenly interested in Larry DeWayne Hall because of the civil war connection, or possibly their friends. Not really sure, having more facts to consider rather than all the hyperbole would help, unfortunately police were inept and so ridiculous. Let me know if I can help in any way, I followed this story since it happened.Feel free to contact me I have always felt a weird connection to this case, dunno why. Gratzi and good luck. B. Jaekel 602-425-9437

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