Detectives release even more new info on the East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker

Detectives release even more new info on the East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker

A variety of new pieces of information including new voice recordings.


Bit late if you ask me… If it is indeed the voice of the East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker, do you honestly think it would have been better to release all the voice recordings as soon as you had them so someone might have actually recognized him? What are the odds someone will remember the voice of someone they know back in the 70’s and 80’s?


16 thoughts on “Detectives release even more new info on the East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker

  1. if you look at the notebook page alledgidly left by the ear the back to front ;p; with the letters ;u; and ;n; form the word ‘pun’ which means a play on words the word ‘pun’ also is used in building and construction to mean to compact earth;clay ‘soil or concrete. this word pun may refer to the ear method of killing by bludgeoning some of his victims to death punning them or punishment of them. it is not a term generally used by the general public and would be used only by somebody in the building trade..

    • Case Detectives over in Santa Barbara, California have actually been following up that theory in recent times after releasing information that trace evidence which I believe was paint particles being discovered on some of the victims. The house behind one of the crime scenes from what I have read was also under construction at the time of the murder. Definitely a theory with legitimacy to it, didn’t know the word pun was used in the building industry. Cheers for the tip 🙂

      • if the house behind one of the victims was under construction and there are flecks of paint on one of the victims is it likely that the ear is a painter. if so who was the builder of the house behind [it should be on the title deeds] cntact him and ask who was thw painting firm and who painted the house. the ear should be easy to spot he drives a vw with really wide tyres and owns a white german shepherd dog[with one toe missing.has this been done already or am i missing something or is it just a coincidence. yours tp davis.

      • Surely Law Enforcement in the respective county would have looked into that line of inquiry, but perhaps you should give Santa Barbara PD a call. You just never know! 🙂

      • i think that with a lot of complicated crime cases like this sometimes there is one pivotal event which points the investigator in the right direction and sometimes even solves the crime. in the ears case i believe the pivotal event was the murder of sgt. brian maggiore and his wife who were shot and killed in a street near their home whilst walking their dog.certainly by the ear. why did the ear kill them.if you were passing another person in the street in your town this is a normal thing to do i.e. to go out for a stroll.what was it that the ear saw as a threat. i believe that the ear killed sgt maggiore and his wife because he recognised him as coming from mathers afb. sgt maggiore worked in the admin dept at mathers afb and therefore knew the people who lived and worked there,mrs maggiore also recognised the ear so she had to be killed as well.this is not the first time that mathers afb has been mentioned in the search for the ear.a witness said ‘he[a prospective house purchaser] alledgidly the ear said ‘said he saw me in the officers club at mathers afb with my husband’ the ear may or not be telling the truth.howeverif it was true i don;t think for one minute the ear was a usaf officer his hair was too long according to be a military person but however he could have been a guest or member of familly of an officer.even a builder or construction worker in mathers afb would not have been able to get into the club.again another witness a wife of a serving officer said of a person alledgedly the ear ‘he knew my husband was away’ again how did the ear now that.i believe sgt maggiore recognised the ear as being the son of a serving usaf officer. i believe the ear lived in the officers quarters at mathers afb and the reason for the ear moving from north cal.i.e.the visalia ransacker to south cal.was that his familly was re-located by the usaf. contact was lost with the ear in 1991 i believe because his familly was again re-located[probably because mathers afb was closing in fact closed in 1993.the ears poem exitements crave contains the words’for my planned exile’ who was it planned by the usaf. i believe the ear worked as a construction worker/painter but not neccessarily at mathers afb.i believe at some stage he was in the boy scouts that is why he was good at tying knots[he diamond knot is usedto tie a beaded thong around the neck to signify the achievement of a wood badge]. mathers afb appears to be the central point surrounded by the areas that the ear has struck.

      • Can’t say I’ve ever considered that the suspect was recognized by Sgt Maggiore and his wife, definitely something I’m unsure of as to whether detectives pursued that theory. But now that you mention it, it seems much more likely than an incident where he confronted a suspicious looking individual who just happened to draw a gun and chase them and kill them. I’ve also considered that he may have been dishonorably discharged from the military for something along the lines of assaulting a superior officer. He then found work in the construction business which took him to Southern California which would explain the leap in geography. But that is all pure speculation. I sometimes wonder if many of this offenders signatures such as diamond knot or the poem are simply attempts at providing police with disinformation so police redirect their efforts down blind alleys away from avenues that might actually identify the offender while drawing up an inaccurate profile. However given how Mather AFB seems to be at the center of a possible geographic profile, that seems unlikely.

      • i agree with you that sgt maggiore and wife confronted the ear however unless the maggiores recognised him what was the reason the ear hunted them down and killed them. it was unlike the ear to kill in the street when confronted before he tried his best to escape. chasing the maggiores and killing them would take more time than if he just ran away after threatning them with his gun.i believe they knew him and had to be silenced. also why did the ear take the ligatures with him after he committed some of the crimes. did they givea clue to who he was. i am speculating of course only someone who knows the personal and working lives of the maggiores maybe able to answer these questions.

      • I guess it’s possible that the Maggiore’s caught him observing a potential victim as he is documented of doing from bushes in a neighbours garden or fence etc. After calling out to him and saying something to the effect of “hey what the hell are you doing?”. Given the obvious highly intelligent nature of the offender and the intense media coverage of the case he may have thought if I let them live, they will eventually put the pieces together and will be able to identify me. Just a thought I’ve had recently. As for the bindings, he may have taken them as something to help him relive the experience from his crime.

  2. the reason i asked about the shoelace bindings was because if there was anything unusual about them for instance were they flame and chemical retardent.[nomex make for instance] if so they belonged to a firemanor smokejumper.

    • I’ve always considered two options as to why he took the shoe lace bindings, One is that he used them to relive each attack in some sick way, or he brought them to the scene and were of some rare material that would help in the identification of a suspect

      • if you go to the picture of the notebook pages with the word punishment on at the bottom you will see two words. a larger one which looks like milling or snelling. the faint words at the top of the page look like ‘come from’ .i think that they refer not to the murder of dr. claude snelling but to the town of snelling not far from merced.under the word snelling or milling ther is a faint word which looks to me to be jump with the ears ‘p’ again back to front. so the sentence would read ‘come from snelling jump’ which means of course the ear is a skydiver/parachutist which would fit in with the diamond knot used in parachute rigging and the parachute decal seen on a car at the scene of a rape.

  3. does anybody see the connection between the ear and ‘mr cruel’ in melbourne australia. mr. cruel used specialist knots used by sailors and package handlers to tie his victims and the ear used the diamond knot and other specialist knots to tie his victims. is this a coincedence or are the ear and mr cruel the same person. did the ear go to australia for his ‘planned exile’. just a thought. if so mr cruel is amercian

    • I’m from Melbourne, I don’t think mr.cruel is the same man although the the paraelles between the two mind-sets.. Planning covert operations well ahead of time, forensic insight for the times & execution of the crimes, all struck me also. The are both very meticulous, intelligent, psychopathic and have deep set pathological urges that have evolved from years of fantasy. They have both eluded police for decades and have both possibly used decoys and ruses to escape capture, they do not want to be caught. The difference between them is significant. Locations are Australia and the U.S., the offenders could not possibly know each other’s areas well enough, victim preference (children and women with men) and M.O is completely different other than being covert and stealthy operations. Not to mention a man with either accent would stick out immediately in either location. They are similar I concur, Mr Cruel is a spooky story… But the original night stalker has a whole lot more cruelty and sadistic behavior within him. He is sophisticated and was driven to cause so much terror, using perplexing means like the diamond knot. Does he think it’s pretty? Does he use it to decoy towards a profession that uses them? To show how intelligent he is? To show how cool he is? What it does show is that he certainly enjoys the process of making the knots & the planning & when he ties one of these knots his thinking about death.

      • i am always a bit suspicious of people who do not give their true names on e-mails however regarding your comments you appear to admire mr cruel ‘meticulous,intelligent,psycopathic but at the end of the day he attacked vulnerable children whilst in a position tha they could not fight back. so he was a coward not a hero. of course his attacks need a certain amount of planningbut so do a foxes it is the same with the east area rapist he only attacked people with a gun and knives whilst they were most vulnerable i.e. at night. these murderous cowards do not want a fair fight for it would expose them for what they truly are gutless cowards.i am not suggesting mr cruel went from australia to the usa to bcommit crimes as the east area rapist but the opposite that according to a poem alledgedly written by the ear ‘exicitements crave’ he talks about a ‘planned exile’ i believe maybe that he went to melbourne because he was last heard nof on 4/5/86 when he murdered juanella cruz and mr cruel started his attacks on 22/8/87. ibelieve he uses complcated knots such as the diamond knot in his crimes because he used them at one time in his work and they are easy for him to do not as a 1991 he called one of his victims on the phone his accent sounded like a west country english accent and if somebody was being threatened by him do you think they would take much notice of his accent if he spoke at that is

      • I think that people would notice if someone had an accent from another continent right away yes that point is mute. Mr Cruel and the East area rapist both retired in some respect, the former raped young girls in there home with planning & then methods were used for abduction from the home while the latter raped and murdered ‘Adult’ women and males ‘inside’ their homes. This theory you have put forward is nothing more than ludicrous, sorry to tell you. There is bound to be many killers and rapists methodical & lucky enough to succeed in their evil deeds all over the world, it doesn’t mean they were related. I learnt how to tie a diamond knot in a few minutes, its technical but once learned quite easy to do & Mr Cruel never used diamond knots LOL if I was a psychopath and travelled about killing people and used this knot 30 years later you would believe he was back hahaha and even worse it would be utilized perhaps yet again as a ‘decoy’ to fool people of complete ignorance such as yourself. LOL why would he travel and start an entirely new evolution of sex crimes. I don’t admire these people, what interests me is the psychology behind such evil men who will go to such extreme lengths of planning to get away with it rather than the average killer who spots a person and proceeds to murder them soon after. The depth of darkness is so well hidden within such individuals such as Cruel or Night is definitely a subject of of intrigue to me & obviously also to you as you are writing about the subject yourself. Unfortunately for you, you are not bright enough to understand why someone may of used a tool such as a decoy which is a tactic Mr Cruel himself has employed by spray painting Karmein Chan’s families car alluding to the family being asian drug dealers and trying to divert the investigation. If you can not conceive of such a idea being used by someone like Night whom honestly got away with so much more, at least 50 rapes an 10 murders then you obviously struggle to envision a path that a successful criminal may follow, i.e. the axe man of new Orleans must have chopped wood for a living while the Green River killer must of strangled chickens in his downtime. Surely the diamond knot is involved because plainly he just likes seeing it, its like a bow on a present but that does ‘knot’ Lol .. determine his job. He probably has been a boy scout & learning the knot as a child therefore during puberty becoming hand-in-hand with his sexual fantasy, so in light of that aspect you could nearly rule out the knot being used in his profession. You have no imagination…

        Why do you need my name? suspicious?? don’t worry yourself I’m ‘knot’ Mr Cruel or the Original Night Stalker & I can tie a diamond knot.

  4. Who deleted my rebuttal. I contacted a criminal profiler and he believes I’m correct in that O.N stalker most likely learnt the knots in his youth. Incorporating it into his pathological driven psychopathic sexual fantasies during his years of maturing before adulthood. Not from acquiring this skill at work! he also believes I’m correct about the learning it from the scouts, this man talks to real serial killers as his job.

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