I have always found crime to be fascinating. Following real-world criminal cases has been my hobby for several years now, in particular following those cases involving serial killers. From the “Son of Sam,” to Ted Bundy, or  the unsolved “Zodiac murders,” each spate of serial murders has captivated me. I love the endless speculation around “the unsolved,” as a student of criminology I can’t help but want to try and solve these cases myself. Yet serial killings are gory by nature, it is not something that everyone can handle. Yet, I’ve become desensitized to it all, instead of seeing brutal murder I merely see the facts, details and statistics. I view these heinous crimes through the lens of an amateur criminologist, I separate my emotions from the cases and seek out the cold hard facts. I will watch even the most gruesome documentaries, read graphics books, or horrible articles and not flinch at all. It has become second nature to me, I fear not these crimes, nor the criminals that perpetrate them. Instead I look to understand the crimes, the criminals, and perhaps one day solve a case-gone-cold.

I welcome all feedback, both positive and negative as an aspiring author I will use it to improve my writing. All theories are also accepted about any case as I enjoy a spirited discussion about unsolved crimes and look forward to hearing the perceptions of others about these cases. Requests and suggestions on cases are also taken but the extent to which they will be covered will vary depending on the levels of information available on the case as I may decide against covering a case where all that is available is a Wikipedia page considering how unreliable it can be, but even so feel free to suggest it.

Also depending on the length of the case I may divide it into different parts to make it easier to read and provide followers with something new if I am busy with other things at the time.

About Me:

I’ve recently graduated from RMIT University with a degree in marketing. I became fascinated with True Crime, particularly Cold Cases in about 2006 after reading a webpage on the Zodiac Killer and have since branched out to follow other cases which include the East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker, Colonial Parkway Murders and the Mr Cruel case in Australia. My ultimate writing goal is write a best selling novel and through blogging I hope to hone my skills and further my pursuit.

At university I undertook criminology as elective subjects which really developed my interest in the subject. However my chosen career path limits the amount of time I can dedicate to this hobby and hope to find other people who enjoy a discussion on some of the most prolific unsolved cases in history.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Unsolved cases are quite fascinating. As exciting as they are, I always wish to see the crimes solved and the guilty parties brought to justice. Ultimately, though, some crimes will never be solved due to poor evidence gathering or, in some rarer instances, clever perpetrators.

  2. Re: EAst Area Rapist

    I was 15 years old living in Ranco Cordova in 1977/78 when the East Area Rapist was terrorizing the area. My mom and dad had just left the house in the early evening leaving me home alone. A man, probably around 19 years old, came to our front door right after they left. I opened the door with the chain-lovk on. He said he was from SMUD and told me he was there to do an inspection of the attic insulation. I told him I couldn’t let him in, he then asked for a glass of water and simultaneously tried to bust the door open. I was able to body slam the door shut. He did not leave until he saw me on the phone. He had sandy blonde hair, was white, approximately 5′ 10 and had s slender build. He was dressed in white jeans and a white t-shirt. I believe he was the Eadt Area Rapist. Our house had been broken into prior to this incident while we were on vacation. He left a handwritten note on a ripped piece of paper on our mailbox with the word SMUD and a phone number that was not a working number. I never reported this, which was not too smart, but I was pretty young and I didn’t know how to handle the situation. My parents did not take me serious.

    • He would fit some of the generic descriptions I’ve read about the EAR, I take them with a grain of salt but they do seem to be somewhat consistent and it fits with him MO. Do you recall if he had an accent or some kind of identifying speech impediment?

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